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Here's a delicious mango tart (no sugar or dairy involved in the making of this dessert)

Mango Tart

Finely cut up a cup of dried mango and soak in water.

Place 1½ cups pecan nuts and 1½ cups fresh grated coconut

Into a food processor and blend till coarsely ground. Then add

½ cup soft pitted dates. Continue processing till the mixture

Starts to hold together. Press evenly over the bottom and

Sides of a 23cm pie plate. Place in freezer while making filling.

Blend 3 cups of chopped mango and the cup of soaked mango

after draining it well and squeezing out the water. When smooth

pour into the prepared crust. Place raspberries around the edge

and fill in the centre with freshly scooped granadilla pulp.

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