What Is LOV?

Everything we do is to raise funds for our non-profit work in South AfricaLeaders of Vision (LOV) — to coach young leaders to be change makers for love and peace on earth.

We are actually a team of four:

* Pastor Mark Upman: leader of LOV, and pastor of Summerstrand Community Church in Gqeberha, South Africa.

* Businesswoman Merryl Leverington: high-raw plant-strong mother and grandmother — writes our newsletters and Merryl’s Tips — Free to all subscribers — and gives personal support (along with Val) to paid subscribers, responds to your comments on posts, and in our Chat.

* Zulu warrior spirit Carrie Chiliza (a genuine Zulu): our tech person and graphic artist.

* Author Val Archer (B.A. English): In 1998 at age 50, I launched GreenSmoothie.com to help everyone discover the healing power of electrically alive plants. In 2022, I switched to writing about healthy money.

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Free & Paid Subscribers

Both free and paid subscribers instantly receive by return email, a link to:

  1. Six eBooks — where you will discover the miracle of living foods, including:

    • Eat Life Force! — How to grow leafy greens & sprouts in your kitchen,

    • Discover Raw! — the 6-day raw food cleanse, with meal plans & recipes,

    • Break Free! — a 6-week plant-rich diet;

  2. Free access to four Masterclasses — on healing specific illnesses (such as diabetes) the plant-strong way;

  3. Free plans to build your own Automatic Sprouter — to enjoy living foods daily;

  4. Links to Recipes from 180 raw food chefs — categorized into meals, courses, ingredients, cuisines, difficulty;

  5. Weekly updates on the latest free Health Summits online — where leading experts will guide you into super health and healing.

Free eBooks & plans to build Automatic Sprouter for ALL subscribers.

Paid Subscribers

  1. Receive all of the above, plus:

  2. You get all LOV’s books for Free, as an ebook — as we publish them.

  3. We care for you in a supportive Community — interacting with each other via:

    • Personal email, and

    • Regular Zoom get-togethers on request.

In summary, paid subscribers:

  • Participate in an online tribe committed to eating peaceful food, and coaching young people to be peaceful leaders.

  • Help with the marketing costs to reach more people in pain, with the message: God's Food HEALS;

  • Help fund a Christian-run coaching program in South Africa for young Leaders of Vision (LOV) — youngsters from all religions welcome.

Early Bird Special

Please consider getting an Early Bird Special today for only $30/year — to help us launch Leaders Of Vision.

After that the price will go up to $50/year or $5/month :)

Do you agree that the corrupt and criminal leadership in government, corporations, NGO’s, and sports, needs to cease? Together we can END that globally.

Let’s coach new leaders who know the solutions — such as Food not Pharma, food from a field not a factory; Community-owned banks not Central banks.

I hope you join us! Team work makes the dream work :)

A snowflake by itself is light and fragile. Yet a snow storm will bring New York City to its knees.

To a Life of Love & Laughter,

Val Archer @ GreenSmoothie.com and GreenSmoothieS.com.

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Business woman, pet sitter and gardener ... Lover of the simple things in life like sunsets and sand between my toes.
Graphic artist (B.Sc. in Marine Botany) who loves creating websites, images, and books for authors (including book formatting). A wild and free Zulu warrior spirit, just trying to be human ✌🏽💜🌍
Author of GreenSmoothie.com and Amazon.com/dp/B0CM67619K; co-inventor of GoGreen Automatic Sprouter; creating a non-profit LeadersOfVision.org.za --coaching for young leaders
A lover of abundant life and servant to make a difference in others lives. I am a husband and father of 3 amazing children. I pastor Summerstrand Community Chruch and am a trained mediator and do building projects on the side.